Healthyphoton was invited to attend the AsiaFlux 2019 annual

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The 2019 AsiaFlux Network Seminar was held at the Gifu University of Japan in Sep. 29 - Oct. 1. HealthyPhoton was invited to give an oral report. Dr. Yin Wang introduced the company's latest product HT8700E open-path ammonia analyzer and the latest achievements in the ammonia flux observation in China. Participating scholars were highly interested, including the FLUXNET flux network PI and American Geographic Association (AGU) fellow, Professor Baldocchi of UC Berkeley, and the director of the European Carbon Observing Integration System (ICOS), Professor Papale of the University of Tussia, Italy. Dr. Yin Wang and the co-author, Dr. Kai Wang from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, had the chance to conduct in-depth discussions with them about related technologies and potential project collaborations. The report not only received recognition from the present experts but also showed our sufficient preparations to enter the international market.

Healthyphoton Company specially acknowledged our collaborators of the project: Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Soil Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Techno Solutions!